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I don’t officially open to queries until August 1st of this year, but if you’re curious about my tastes you can check out the following site:

Until then I’ll be managing the general KT Literary query inbox ( and taking referrals from the other KT agents.

I’m looking forward to reading all of your beautiful projects when I do open in August! Have a great summer!


We’ll start off with the darker side of the novel today….

From Jan 2011

Dismal, cold Monday morning – hello.  I’ve successfully bundled my munchkins and sent them off to Montessori, well, two of them anyways and here I sit, ready to embark on my second blog.  The first was an extension of a failed coaching business which, as most failures do, turned into a massive lesson about life.   A dozen years ago, while floundering around during what should have been my sophomore year at the University of Colorado, Boulder, but instead turned out to be some much needed ‘time off,’ I found myself drawn toward two courses at the university in my hometown of Fairfield, Connecticut.

Cultural Anthropology and Creative Writing.

The former ignited a spark that has remained a prominent theme in my life ever since.  It was the impetus behind my  next four years of study, culminating in the achievement of a Bachelor’s degree.

The latter is only now coming to the forefront in my life and I welcome it like Christmas morning.  I’ve recently completed my first novel, a children’s fantasy about a young boy’s quest to save his grandfather and the magical Land of Mim and have begun the nerve-wracking process of submitting it for representation.   My first query resulted in a request for the full, and I anxiously await a response.

Time will tell.  I am ready to embark on a new journey.