So, I wasn’t sold on writing one of these, but I decided that I really want folks to know about my approach to this whole writing game. I’m all in, and I love getting feedback on my work.

There’s always more to learn – in writing and in life. I approach things with the open mind of a child but the dedication of a seasoned writing vet. I’ve been writing seriously since 2009, have written 4 complete middle grade manuscripts, one complete YA manuscript and myriad picture books. My middle grade manuscript, LAIMA MONTROVE WANTS TO BE A WITCH, was a finalist for the Eldin Memorial Fellowship this past spring, and I’ve been a member of the SCBWI off and on (as funds allow – you know, living the starving-artist dream right now!).

My projects are typically dark, whimsical fantasy and atmospheric horror for middle grade. I love playing with words and I love being creeped out – always have. I spent a lot of time in my imagination as a kid, and I’ve found some things just don’t change.

As a mentee I’ll be committed to improving my manuscript and will be open and willing to put in the effort to make it shine. I’m looking forward to the challenge!