Today’s the first time I’ve heard of the 777 challenge, which instructs you to go to the 7th page of your WIP, to the 7th line, and take the next 7 lines to share. A fellow writer, Suzanne Warr, tagged me and I have chosen to accept! So, here it goes. This is an excerpt from my witchy MG manuscript. Hope you enjoy!


“That look never gets us anywhere good.” Finn shook his head. “Last time I saw it you dragged me through the fence into the orchard, ‘It’ll be fun, Finn, I promise.’ And we ended up getting caught. I thought Mr. Silverman was going to call the cops on us for sure.”

“You wanted to go!” Laima said as the screen door to her house creaked open. She couldn’t admit that she probably wouldn’t have gone alone. Being alone was almost as bad as being cooped up in the house under her mother’s watchful eye. Being alone meant having time to think. And having time to think meant remembering Petra.


And now I’m going to have to tag some other folks, I suppose! Happy Friday!