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So I like to try and spice up the blog a bit with tidbits from my kids. They’re an endless source of entertainment (and frustration, but today is about entertainment).

Mason 1st day

My son started kindergarten yesterday and neither he nor I could be more ready for that to happen. He’s generally a good kid. Tries hard. Follows directions. Resourceful…to a fault. That’s where this story begins.

Yesterday, I packed his lunch: PB & J, yogurt, granola bar and some grapes. Fairly well rounded, healthy. You get the idea. So, when he got home yesterday, I asked all the normal parent-y questions about his first day. When I got to “how was your lunch?” he responds, “Good, I had salad.” I pause. Blink. Brain clickety-clacks. “Salad? How’d you have salad, bud?” I ask him. I’m sure the expression on my face was priceless. He responds as he reaches into his pockets and pulls out some change, “I buyed it.” My jaw drops, eyes go wide. And I start laughing hysterically. Here I am worrying that he’s going to get lost in the school, forget to bring things home, etc., and he’s got the foresight to bring his OWN money, just in case. Needless to say, I told him he didn’t need to use his own money for that. Mommy would send some to school. And I praised him for buying a salad, not cookies or other junk. Then I called my husband and we laughed hysterically about it!