I’m writing to you from amidst a house full of chaos, of one sort or another. It’s mid-July, and while the publishing world comes to a near standstill, my kids, unfortunately do not. They’re busy making forts, terrorizing each other, the cat, and myself, and creating messes of a magnitude I haven’t even dared to imagine. Yes, folks, this is FUN.

We’re planning a trip to visit my parents in their brand-new retirement home on Cape Cod, which sounds lovely, but in reality, is going to be an epic journey (alone, with all three kids, on an evening flight from Denver). Once we’re there it’ll be a blast. Beaches, whale watching, mini-golf, after-dinner trips for ice cream. I’m sure it will prove very nostalgic for me, too, since that’s where we used to vacation when I was a kid, growing up in Connecticut.

I’ve also made a big decision with my agent, Christa Heschke, to go out on submission with my second book, a MG Horror, first. It’ll be ahead of my MG Fantasy, which is the book Christa signed me on. Christa approached me after reading it, and asked how I felt about going out with this one first. I was elated, because as much as I love the first book, I knew the second was much closer to being ready too. So, after a round of revisions on book #2, all of which were relatively minor and straightforward, I’m awaiting her feedback and hoping that my MG Horror will be ready to go out on submission really soon!