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I’ve been seeing a ton of people discussing writing frequency lately and I’ve decided to chime in. So many people say that it is important to sit down and crank out a few words a day, because hey, you never know, ten words could turn into a thousand pretty quickly! It’s definitely true. This happens with some regularity for me, but in my humble opinion, forcing yourself to sit down and spew forth literary genius takes the fun out of writing sometimes. And hey, we’re all in this for the fun, right?! (not to mention recognition, achievement, fame, money, movie deals, etc. *wink wink*).

If it’s not flowing, folks, don’t stress it.

Creativity waxes and wanes. It’s not meant to come forth with a mere wiggle of our fingers. It’s influenced by so many things in our lives – stress, sleep, stimuli, exposure to inspiring things, etc. Our job is just be open when ideas do come. Take advantage when your mind opens and the ideas flow. I just wrote a 28K word MG Horror in a few weeks (rough draft, of course) and it was one of those stories that wrote itself. I couldn’t pry myself away from the computer. My house was a disaster area. My kids were starting to look feral. But now, as I’ve moved on to a new draft while awaiting feedback on said MG Horror from my agent, I find myself plodding along on the new WIP (a witchy MG Fantasy) at a much less frantic pace. I’m loving how the story is evolving, but I don’t feel the same compulsion to get it out of my head like I did with the last one. And I’m okay with that. I challenge you to be okay with it too!