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Well, that’s how I feel right now, at least. While waiting to hear back on a full ms submission for my first novel, I decided to start writing another, totally unrelated book to help pass the time. That idea just started brewing somewhere in the back of my head until I had enough material to start writing. I’ve had my CPs read it. I’ve revised it several times, and sent it off to my agent. So, now I have all this free time on my hands and guess what happened? I started brainstorming my next novel.

I’m kinda surprised at how easily the ideas are flowing now that I have someone to help me sell them. No more worrying about queries, researching which agents might love my ideas/writing, etc. I found her, and I can unleash the creativity!

The new book is, of course, MG, but this time I’m stewing up some wacky witchery and a female protagonist who is dying to try her hand at becoming a witch! I’m adding a dash of my Lithuanian roots (folklore-wise) just for fun. Just blogging about it has me all giddy to start writing!!