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So, I’ve had to learn patience the hard way. I want to be a published author and as many of you know, that requires ungodly amounts of patience. How to pass the time? Let me tell you how I started: by compulsively checking email inboxes, twitter feeds, query tracker, and the like. Then after about a week of driving myself completely batty (I was even getting ornery towards the chirrens), a good twitter friend and fellow agent-seeker asked me a totally harmless question.

Do you have anything else you’re working on right now?

Radio silence from my end. Well, not exactly. My plan had been to wait for the feedback on my full/partial submissions before I started writing the next in the series. I didn’t want to get entrenched in another ms just to have this one come back with major revisions needed. Then I’d have to potentially revise two mss instead of just one!

So, I thought a lot about what this twitter friend had said. And, as I thought, a 12 year old boy named Silas started talking to me (in my imagination, of course). He started showing me that he had a story that I needed to tell. And so, I started writing.

About a week and a half later, I have a 23K rough draft about Silas’s story. No more details yet. But it’s THE PECULIAR meets THE GRAVEYARD. A dark and lovely tromp through Silas’s adventure when his little sister disappears through a crack in their basement floor. I’ve done some initial tweaking and revisions and have sent it out to my first round of betas. Can’t wait to hear feedback!!