I’m in the middle of a major revision on my mss, so this post won’t take up too much of your precious time, or mine. I saw this cartoon on twitter today and had to share. I’m also tossing in a few tidbits about what’s been most helpful to me in my revision-learning process.

editing pic

If this isn’t a perfect depiction of how I’ve felt when I revisit my mss after a period of time, I don’t know what is. For me, finding a critique partner, and I mean an HONEST critique partner, has been a lifesaver. And reading. I’ve been devouring book after book these past few weeks, and when I sit down to revise my own mss, finding the right words is much easier.  What have I been reading? Splendors & Glooms, The Peculiar, and Liesl & Po. Loved the first two and just started the third. I’m not far enough in to say one way or the other. But, I’ll let you know when I get there.  Ok, back to revising.