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Kids are asleep. Glass of wine has been poured. Fire is crackling in the fireplace.  And I’m reveling in the excitement of the week. I didn’t make it through to the final round of Pitchmadness, and I’m okay with that. I got a request for the first 50 pages of my MG Fantasy last week. This morning I found an unexpected email in my inbox requesting the full manuscript. And, the agent who critiqued my pitch at WriteOnCon voted for my pitch as her favorite. What did I win? A full critique of my manuscript. Talk about amazing! I’m so excited. Waiting is so worth it, and so tough. Hopefully my patience and hard work will be rewarded. Lawd knows I’m ready.


There has been a frenzy of pitch contest activity this past week on Twitter, in case you weren’t already aware. I entered two – WriteonCon and PitchMadness. The first, a contest to get your query critiqued by a real-live agent, just went live today. Of course, the agent who’s been assigned to my group has yet to start reviewing pitches. But, I’m cool wit’ it. Wanna know why? Because I made it through the first round of the other contest! Brenda Drake’s PitchMadness! There were 400+ entries and only 125ish made it through to the second round. Normally, I don’t toot my own horn, but I’ve been working so dang hard on this manuscript, since 2010 (horrible, I know…but I’ve added children to my harum and have moved twice, once across the country). And this is the first recognition I’ve gotten. And dang it, it feels good. Now, back to nail-biting until March 26 or so. That’s when the next round of cuts happens…

I’m in the middle of a major revision on my mss, so this post won’t take up too much of your precious time, or mine. I saw this cartoon on twitter today and had to share. I’m also tossing in a few tidbits about what’s been most helpful to me in my revision-learning process.

editing pic

If this isn’t a perfect depiction of how I’ve felt when I revisit my mss after a period of time, I don’t know what is. For me, finding a critique partner, and I mean an HONEST critique partner, has been a lifesaver. And reading. I’ve been devouring book after book these past few weeks, and when I sit down to revise my own mss, finding the right words is much easier.  What have I been reading? Splendors & Glooms, The Peculiar, and Liesl & Po. Loved the first two and just started the third. I’m not far enough in to say one way or the other. But, I’ll let you know when I get there.  Ok, back to revising.