I think I’m overdue for some mommy anecdotes, so I’ll bless you with a nice one from a recent trip (with all 3 kids) to the pediatrician. My oldest was overdue for her 6 year well-child check up and I had to scramble to find a pediatrician here in Denver. After landing an appointment we found ourselves seated in front of a pleasant Dr Kristy who begins asking my daughter all sorts of normal doctor-y questions. When we get to ‘what’s your favorite food?’ my daughter answers ‘candy’ without missing a beat. Ugh.

Doc’s response? ‘At least she’s honest. Well, honey, what’s your favorite healthy food?’.

Tanner: ‘Animal crackers.’.

I’m dying slowly inside.

My face is beet red.

Doc turns to me. ‘Does she not eat fruits and veggies?’.

Me: ‘Of course she does…. Tanner, honey, come on now…..fruits? Veggies?….’.

Tanner: ‘Oh yeah, healthy(with a smirk, like she knew exactly what was up)….hmmm….limes!’.

What a weirdo, I think to myself as I look down at my son, who up until now had been playing quietly with soft blocks. Apparently (or so I’d like to think), my son was as frustrated with her as I was. He had begun smashing the soft blocks repeatedly against his forehead. Holy crap. Things were going from bad to worse. New doc. One kid who thinks cookies and candy are healthy, and one who hits himself in the head with blocks. I look over at the third kid and silently thank God that she finally started walking two weeks ago (at 21 months) or this doctor would certainly gave called child protective services on me!!! I tried really, really hard not to laugh at the entire debacle, but the giggles were not to be defeated. Thankfully Doc decided that my crew was pretty funny. She joined in the laughter too. Phew.

On to some more serious business though.

I’m gearing up for an online pitching critique, WriteonCon, that is slated to happen in mid-March. I’ve just recently overhauled my pitch and am happy with the results. I’m interested in getting feedback from the folks in the online forum… fingers crossed. I”ll be posting the pitch here too!